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Do you have a plump pooch? Maybe your dog needs to join a gym.
MOBILE DEPOSITS COULD SLOW DOWN ACCESS TO YOUR MONEY - Using a mobile banking app is quick and convenient, but it could delay access to those funds by a week or more at some financial institutions.
WILL CALIFORNIA REQUIRE SMARTPHONES TO HAVE A KILL SWITCH? - California lawmakers have passed a bill that would require new smartphones to come with technology that enables the owner to lock the phone if it is lost or stolen. 
BANKS DO POORLY IN SECRET SHOPPER INVESTIGATION - Consumer groups sent mystery shoppers into dozens of banks to ask out about overdraft protection. What they were told was often confusing and sometimes inaccurate.
THE ROBOTS ARE COMING - Will these smart machines take the place of human workers? Tech experts make their predictions.
GET YOUR PAYCHECK WHEN YOU WANT IT - A new App lets you get part of your paycheck before pay day and you pay as much as your want – or nothing – for the service.
TOP 10 CONSUMER COMPLAINTS - What bugs you? Once again this year, complaints dealing with autos, home improvement contractors and credit/debt issues lead the list.
CONSUMER ALERT: STUDENT DEBT RELIEF SCAMS - The companies always want payment upfront. They either do nothing or just fill out a government form that you could do yourself. Here are the legitimate ways to get help.
NEW SURVEY SHOWS SOCIAL MEDIA DISAPPOINTS - It’s an interesting paradox. Social media is extremely
popular and yet for many users it' not very satisfying. Why is that?
SOME 'MADE IN USA' CLAIMS WERE NOT VERIFIED - The FTC found that an Ohio company licensed its Made in USA logo to any company that paid a fee – without verifying where the products were made.

SHOW #20 (August 16, 2014) - How to save on health care costs. Also: confusion about overdraft protection on debit cards, how to spot and avoid investment scams, obesity in pets and Consumer Reports rates the Amazon Fire smartphone.
SHOW #19 (August 9, 2014) - SPECIAL REPORT: America's fatal addiction to pain pills. Also: Simple ways to save on auto insurance, how to spot and avoid time share scams and a look at pet vaccines and how often your dog or cats needs a shot.
SHOW #18 (August 2, 2014) - NATIONAL HEALTH EMERGENCY: Skin cancer cases increase. Also: Top 10 consumer gripes, are we making smart long-term investments, AARP on avoiding investment scams & the potential risks of serving your pet raw food
SHOW #17 (JULY 26, 2014) - Where should you go for heart surgery? Also: Avoiding a mortgage relief scam, insurance for college students, the government agency trying to bring fairness to the financial marketplace and the benefits of adopting a mutt.
SHOW #16 (JULY 19, 2014) - How to handle the purchase no one wants to make. Also: Comcast Customer Service call gone viral, simple things to boost your car’s mileage, the possible health risks of energy drinks, and a local blood bank for dogs & cats.
SHOW #15 (JULY 12, 2014) - Are there long-term health effects from smoking marijuana? Also: how moving can hurt your credit score, the problem with long-term auto loans, beware of foreign lottery scams and a new anti-itch drug for dogs.
SHOW #14 (JULY 5, 2014) - BBQ grilling tips/food safety when eating outdoors, national restaurant chain ratings, student loan crisis many be hurting the economy, why pet harnesses may be better than a leash, and getting better fuel economy.
SHOW #13 (JUNE 28, 2014) - Kitchen remodeling tips from Consumer Reports,  kids and concussions, how to find a good auto repair shop, help your pet deal with fireworks and tips on tipping.
SHOW #12 (JUNE 21, 2014) - THE BRAIN SHOW - This special show will help families learn more about Alzheimer’s disease and how to help family members dealing with dementia.
SHOW #11 (JUNE 14, 2014) - Advice on buying a car and negotiating the deal, your rights at the auto repair shop, IRS phone scam, when do I need an electrical permit, cannabis supplements for pets and Sam’s Club’s 5-3-1 card.

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