AMERICA’S FAVORITE (AND LEAST FAVORITE) WIRELESS COMPANIES AND SMARTPHONEST-Mobile leads the pack of big providers, but Consumer Cellular is the clear winner. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now America’s favorite smartphone, survey finds.
SCAMMERS MANIPULATE CALLER ID – HERE ARE THE BEST WAYS TO BLOCK ROBOCALLSRobocall scammers have a devious way to take their calls. They “spoof” the number that appears on caller ID to make it look like their call is coming from your area code or local prefix – or both. Various apps, may of them free, call help you fight back.
HERE’S WHERE TO FIND THE LOWEST PRICES ON PLANTS & SHRUBSSome stores charge five times more than lowest-priced stores, new survey finds. But those that offer really high-quality plants and great advice tend to charge higher prices.
THE NEW PETAL CREDIT CARD: NO CREDIT SCORE NEEDED TO APPLYThe Petal card is designed for those who don’t have a credit score, but pay their bills on time. Applicants give the company access to their bank account transactions. Credit limits go as high as $10,000. Cash-back goes up for on-time monthly bill payments.
SHOP ONLINE? WATCH OUT FOR COUNTERFEIT EVERYTHINGJust like you, counterfeiters are online, trying to sell you their inferior copycat products: electronics, cosmetics, clothing and more. A new Better Business Bureau report calls it an ‘epidemic’ problem.
AMERICA’S FAVORITE (AND LEAST FAVORITE) AIRLINES AND HOTEL CHAINSCustomer satisfaction with airlines rises from last year, while hotels decline. Alaska Airlines takes the top spot in the new American Customer Satisfaction Index survey. American and United rate below-average.
WHERE TO FIND THE BEST PRICES ON DOG AND CAT FOODAre you paying too much for pet food? A new survey finds that comparison shopping can save you up to 40 percent on dog and cat food. Here’s how to find the product you want for the lowest price.
HOW TO RECYCLE, RESELL AND BUY USED ELECTRONICSThrowing old cellphones in the trash can lead to harmful chemicals and toxins ending up in landfills. Refurbished electronics are good for the earth and your wallet. You can save hundreds of dollars on a smartphone or laptop.
IS A TRAVEL REWARDS CREDIT CARD RIGHT FOR YOU?Many people greatly overestimate the value of the points or miles they accumulate. These cards are not for everyone and unless you choose wisely, they could cost you money.
DARK WEB MONITORING: FRAUD FIGHTING TOOL OR MARKETING HYPE?Many consumers are confused about what ‘dark web monitoring’ can really do. It cannot remove stolen information from this criminal marketplace or stop fraudsters from using it. So why pay for this service?