DRIVERS BEWARE: MOST STATES STILL ALLOW PREDATORY TOWING SCHEMES – “Predatory towing,” where towing companies pay kickbacks to private businesses or law enforcement, is banned in only 17 states, and is creating needless problems for drivers, according to a new report from the consumer advocates at the U.S. PIRG Education Fund.
HOW TO PREPARE FOR END OF STUDENT LOAN PAYMENT PAUSE – Payments are set to resume in September for the 37 million borrowers who’ve benefited from the pandemic-related pause. Here’s what to do now to get ready.
Consumerpedia, Episode 14: HOW TO BUY PLANTS & GET GOOD LAWN CARE – Even the greenest of thumbs sometimes needs help sometimes. In this episode: How to find a great lawn care service, and what to consider when hiring a landscaper. Plus, for DIYers, how big-name garden centers rate for price and quality.
IS IT TIME TO BUY AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE? – Electric vehicle sales are still a tiny part of the U.S. auto market. But surging gas prices are driving up demand, and automakers are racing to get new plug-in hybrids and all-electric models to market.
IRS HAS $1.5 BILLION IN REFUNDS FOR TAXPAYERS WHO DID NOT FILE A 2018 RETURN – Time is running out for about1.5 million people who did not file a 2018 federal income tax return. After April 18, these unclaimed refunds will become property of the U.S. Treasury Department.
Consumerpedia, Episode 13: THINKING ABOUT BUYING AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE? – Automakers are racing to provide customers with an array of new electric cars and trucks. So, what’s coming down the road, and what should you consider before buying an EV?
FRAUD ALERT: CRIMINALS PITCH BOGUS CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENTS – A gold-rush mentality created by the cryptocurrency craze has people sending money to companies that promise huge returns in days or weeks without first checking them out. Often, they’re scams – cyber criminals are increasingly luring victims who hope to get rich quick.
DO I OWE THE IRS TAXES ON MY CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENTS? – If you sold or exchanged any virtual currency last year – including using it to buy goods or services – and the value of that crypto was higher than when you acquired it, you likely made a taxable capital gain, subject to federal taxation.
Consumerpedia, Episode 12: HOW TO FIND THE BEST VET FOR YOUR PETS – While most vets get high marks for competency and caring, undercover shoppers at Checkbook.org found huge differences in prices for the same procedures. Also: The pros and cons of pet insurance.
ESCALATED THREAT OF CYBER ATTACK MAKES GOOD COMPUTER HYGIENE CRITICAL – Your digital devices are vulnerable to a malware attack anytime they’re connected to the internet, but the war in Ukraine has raised this risk. It is more important than ever to break bad computing habits.