SUPPLY SHORTAGES MAKE SHOPPING EARLY A SMART MOVE THIS HOLIDAY SEASONIf there’s a must-have on your shopping list, don’t delay. It may not be available in November or December.
LONG-TERM CARE PROGRAM FOR WASHINGTON WORKERS STARTS SOONWashington is the first state in the country to create a fund to help its aging population pay for long-term care. Payroll deduction start in January, unless you opt out.
BUYING YOUR LEASED CAR COULD MAKE SENSE (RIGHT NOW)The advice has changed about buying your car at the end of the lease. Right now, because used car prices are so high (driven up by the pandemic), it could be a smart move to buy that leased car.
NEW MORTGAGE UNDERWRITING PROGRAM COULD HELP RENTERS BECOME HOMEOWNERSFannie Mae will consider rental payment history as part of its automated risk assessment for loan approval. This could help renters who pay on time qualify for a loan.
MALICIOUS QR CODES USED BY ONLINE SCAMMERSThe rapid acceptance of QR codes during the pandemic has been good for restaurants and retailers, but it’s also provided cyber criminals with a powerful new tool.
PAUSE ON STUDENT LOAN PAYMENTS END IN JANUARY; HOW TO PREPARE NOWThe government-mandated pause on federal student loan repayments, interest, and collections has been extended until Jan. 31, 2022. Here’s how to prepare for that.
ARE YOU SHARING YOUR WI-FI WITH AMAZON? IF SO, SHOULD YOU BE CONCERNED?Amazon Sidewalk, the retail giant’s new shared wireless network, is now up and running across the United States. If you have an Echo smart speaker or Ring security device, you may be powering Amazon’s “mesh network” without realizing it.
DATA BREACHES ARE SKYROCKETING. HOW TO PROTECT YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNTSMore than 100 million people had their information breached during the first half of the year. Here’s what you need to do to stop the cyber crooks from using your compromised information.
FTC SAYS CUSTOMERS HAVE RIGHT TO REPAIR BROKEN PRODUCTSWhen you buy a product and it breaks, your ability to repair it is often limited or prevented by the manufacturer or seller. The FTC says it is going to fix this broken system by cracking down on illegal repair restrictions.
MONEYGRAM REFUNDS $125 MILLION TO SCAM VICTIMSThe FTC is trying to return $125 million to victims who wired money to con artists between 2013 and 2017 using MoneyGram. Here’s how to file a claim.