BUYER BEWARE: STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS – Most supplements are manufactured and sold with no oversight to ensure quality, safety, and effectiveness. Consumer advocates caution that many of these products are marketed with dubious claims.
Consumerpedia, Episode 65: HOW TO FIND RELIABLE MOVERS – In this episode: Tips on choosing a moving company that provides fair and reliable pricing, gets the job done on time, and takes good care of your belongings. Plus: Why to avoid moving brokers and how to spot moving scams.
CFPB WANTS TO BAN MEDICAL DEBT FROM CREDIT REPORTS – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to reduce the financial fallout from unpaid medical debt for millions of Americans. If enacted, its proposed rule would remove medical debt from most credit reports.
FRAUD ALERT: BOGUS TEXT MESSAGES CLAIM YOU OWE ‘UNPAID TOLLS’ – The scammers sending these messages hope to trick you into sending them money for a toll you don’t owe and steal your personal information that can be used for identity fraud.
Consumerpedia, Episode 64: EV UPDATE 2024 – In this episode: How to decide which non-conventional vehicle might be right for you? Do EVs live up to their range promises? And why are they less reliable than conventional vehicles?
CFPB TIGHTENS RULES FOR BUY NOW, PAY LATER PLANS – Beginning later this year, consumers who use Buy Now, Pay Later services should have an easier time disputing charges or getting refunds when they have problems with their purchases.
AIRLINES SUE TO BLOCK NEW RULE REQUIRING UPFRONT DISCLOSURE OF FEES – The nation’s airlines want to kill a new federal rule that would require them to disclose “ancillary” fees—extra costs for baggage, canceling a reservation, or changing a reservation—along with ticket prices.
NEED A NEW CAR? HERE’S HOW TO FIND ONE THAT’S RELIABLE AND AFFORDABLE – Buying a car is the second biggest expense for most Americans. A smart way to reduce the cost of ownership is to choose a brand and a model with a proven track record for reliability. Here are the latest results from Consumer Reports annual Auto Reliability Report.
Consumerpedia, Episode 63: THE CAR SHOW 2024 – In this episode we talk to Consumer Reports about their latest new-vehicle reliability ratings, the right way to take a test drive, and how to get the best deal on that new car. Plus, should you use a buying service, like Costco, to simplify the process?
FEDERAL COURT BLOCKS RULE TO CAP CREDIT CARD LATE FEES AT $8 – The new rule from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) would have capped most credit card late fees at $8. The CFPB estimates this ruling will cost consumers $800 million in late fees for each month the rule is delayed.