NEW LAW TARGETS ONLINE SALE OF STOLEN AND COUNTERFEIT MERCHANDISE – The bipartisan INFORM Consumers Act (Integrity, Notification and Fairness in Online Retail Marketplaces), which took effect in June, should make it harder for crooks to sell stolen or counterfeit items—and make it more difficult for online marketplaces to ignore the growing problem.
HEALTH TRACKING APPS AND OTHER TECH MIGHT BE INVADING YOUR PRIVACY – Wearable devices and medical websites collect highly personal information. In most cases, they can share and sell the info they collect to data brokers or other companies to use for targeted marketing or other purposes. Here’s how to protect yourself.
AMAZON RAISES MINIMUM PURCHASE FOR FREE SHIPPING IN SOME ZIP CODES – How much do you need to order from Amazon, if you’re not a Prime member, to get free shipping? It now depends on where you live.
BOYCOTT STUDENT LOAN PAYMENTS? EXPERTS SAY THAT’S A BAD IDEA – The resumption of federal student loan payments, which begins in October, will be a financial stretch for many borrowers. Some are looking for a way to push back. Experts say a boycott is a bad idea.
XFINITY’S ’10G’ INTERNET SERVICE IS MARKETING MUMBO JUMBO – Internet customers want fast and reliable broadband service. Comcast promises its “next generation” Xfinity internet service, now branded as a “10G Network,” will deliver both. But “10G” is a meaningless, and possibly misleading, marketing term.
FEDERAL STUDENT LOAN PAYMENT PAUSE ENDS AUG. 31 – After more than three years, the pause on federal student loan payments ends on August 31. Here’s how to prepare for the restart. Plus, the options available for those who can’t afford to make payments.
Consumerpedia, Episode 45: Why Good Companies Treat Customers Poorly – Even “reputable” businesses treat consumers unfairly, often by using new technologies. In this episode, we discuss how many companies prioritize profits ahead of their customers—and what you can do to fight back.
FAKE CHATGPT APPS COMMONPLACE IN APP STORES – App stores are flooded with bogus versions of ChatGPT, the popular new artificial intelligence tool. Here’s how to make sure you download the real one.
Consumerpedia, Episode 44: REPAIR OR REPLACE THAT BROKEN APPLIANCE? – Tips on how to decide whether to fix what you have or buy something new. Also, advice on how to avoid the misleading sales hype to get a real deal when you do go shopping.
FRAUD ALERT: IRS REFUND LETTER IS BOGUS – While the IRS does contact taxpayers by mail, it never sends letters about refunds. Criminals impersonating the IRS are trying to steal sensitive personal information.