A SNEAKY WAY TO RAISE PRICES WITHOUT UPSETTING THE CUSTOMERSMost shoppers don’t notice when packaged goods are downsized ever so slightly. This inconspicuous shrinkage—has been going on for decades. And there’s no end in sight.
FRAUD ALERT: CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT SCAMS SKYROCKETCryptocurrency investment schemes have skyrocketed during the pandemic, as criminals leverage the current gold-rush mentality, promising huge returns in just days or weeks.
BEST CARS FOR TEENS: VEHICLES THAT ARE SAFE, RELIABLE, AND AFFORDABLEConsumer Reports and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have combined their data to create an updated list of recommended used cars for teens.
HOW TO WIPE ALL YOUR DATA BEFORE DISPOSING OF DIGITAL DEVICESSimply deleting unwanted files, and emptying the recycle bin, does not permanently destroy that data. Here’s how to do that.
FCC OFFERS SUBSIDIES TO HELP FAMILIES STAY CONNECTED DURING THE PANDEMICThe FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit Program will provide financial assistance to millions of families who need help paying for internet access or buying a computer.
THE PITFALLS OF GETTING A REALLY LONG CAR LOANWhen selecting vehicles and loan terms, most consumers focus on the monthly payments. It seems like a simple way to make sure the car and financing fits their budget. But it can be a pricey mistake.
SHORTAGE OF NEW CARS MEANS FEWER CHOICES & HIGHER PRICESA shortage of many popular makes and models, could make it more difficult to find the new car or truck you want at a price you can afford.
FRAUD ALERT: BOGUS COVID-19 VACCINE SURVEYThese fake surveys, which offer a free gift for completing, are nothing more than a clever phishing attack designed to steal your personal information.
RENTAL CAR PRICES SKY-HIGH AT MANY VACATION DESTINATIONSDue to unprecedented lack of inventory and significantly higher-than-expected demand, rental car prices are sky-high at many vacation destinations across the country. And the problem is expected to get worse.
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL HELP PAY FOR COVID-RELATED FUNERAL EXPENSESFEMA has $2 billion to help reimburse those who lost a loved one in the pandemic for funeral services, burial or cremation.