CHECK WASHING MAKES A COMEBACK – HERE’S HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF – Check washing has been around for decades, but it’s made a comeback in the last few years. Victims report losses ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. As mail thefts increase, you need to do a few things to foil the thieves.
EXPERT ADVICE: 7 TIPS TO HELP YOU BE A BETTER CONSUMER – To celebrate National Consumer Protection Week Checkbook asked five experts to share some of their wisdom. Their advice will help you be a better consumer all year long.
FTC WARNS DOCTORS: PROVIDE FREE PRESCRIPTIONS, AS REQUIRED BY LAW – In late February, the FTC sent cease and desist letters to 24 eye care prescribers warning them that, based on customer complaints, they appear to have violated the Contact Lens Rule, and in some cases, the Eyeglass Rule. Prescribers found to be violating these rules steep financial penalties.
Consumerpedia, Episode 33: PROS & CONS OF USAGE-BASED AUTO INSURANCE – Thinking about giving up your privacy to save on auto insurance? Here are some things to think about before you decide to let the insurance company track where, when and how you drive in order to save some money.
SHOULD YOU GIVE UP YOUR PRIVACY TO SAVE ON AUTO INSURANCE? – Many auto insurance companies offer to reduce customers’ premiums by as much as 30 or 40 percent if they allow their insurer to monitor how, when, and where they drive, with little oversight on how they can use the data.
FTC CHARGES GOODRX WITH ILLEGALLY DISCLOSING USERS’ HEALTH INFORMATION – Millions of Americans have saved money on their prescription drugs by using coupons from GoodRx. But at what cost? Federal regulators have accused the discount drug provider sharing users’ health information with other companies without permission.
Consumerpedia, Episode 32: PROS & CONS OF GROCERY DELIVERY SERVICES – Should you let someone else do your grocery shopping. How much do prices vary? Which services rate the best? Plus, how to get the best prices should you decide to shop this way.
PROPOSED RULE WOULD CURB EXCESSIVE CREDIT CARD LATE FEES – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has proposed a rule that would cap ever-increasing credit card late fees at $8 each and require financial institutions to justify any future price hikes. The move would save American consumers $9 billion a year.
MOST DATA BREACH NOTICES LACK DETAILS VICTIMS NEED TO PROTECT THEMSELVES – You probably received a data breach notice last year—possibly more than one. Unfortunately, only 34% of those breach notices included specific details about what was obtained from attacks, critical information victims needed to protect themselves.
HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM IDENTITY THEFT AND CYBER FRAUD – Hackers across the globe are breaking into corporate databases and stealing record amounts of personal information that can be used to commit identity theft. Here’s how you can fight back.