RENTAL CAR PRICES SKY-HIGH AT MANY VACATION DESTINATIONSDue to unprecedented lack of inventory and significantly higher-than-expected demand, rental car prices are sky-high at many vacation destinations across the country. And the problem is expected to get worse.
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL HELP PAY FOR COVID-RELATED FUNERAL EXPENSESFEMA has $2 billion to help reimburse those who lost a loved one in the pandemic for funeral services, burial or cremation.
SHOULD FUNERAL HOMES BE REQUIRED TO POST PRICES ONLINE?Consumer advocates want the federal government to require funeral homes to disclose prices on their websites. Why is the industry so opposed?
AIRLINE ‘CHANGE FEE’ RULES ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE AGAINLast year, the major U.S. airlines dropped their dreaded “change fees” for all classes of service, even the cheap seats. As of April 1, passengers with basic economy tickets cannot change their travel dates.
MOST UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS EXEMPT FROM FEDERAL INCOME TAXThe $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus package, which President Biden signed into law on March 11, provides a tax break for the millions of Americans who received unemployment compensation last year.
MILLIONS OF TAXPAYERS BENEFIT FROM COVID RELIEF REGISTRATIONThe Biden Administration’s American Recuse Plan Act expanded two tax credits designed for working families: The Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Care Credit. See if you qualify.
SOCIAL SECURITY IMPOSTERS USE FAKE BADGES TO FOOL VICTIMSThe fraudsters who steal money and personal information over the phone keep finding new ways to deceive us. Now, these scam artists have added fake government ID badges to their bag of tricks.
ID THIEVES WHO STOLE UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS MUCK-UP TAX SEASON FOR MILLIONSMillions of people who did not apply for state unemployment compensation last year—and did not get any money—are now dealing with the consequences of being identity theft victims. Cybercriminals used stolen credentials to file fake unemployment claims, got the money, and left their victims stuck with the tax liability.
90 TOP-RATED VEHICLES FOR SAFETY-CONSCIOUS CAR BUYERSWhether it’s an SUV for you, or a compact car for the teenage driver in the house, you want any new vehicle you buy to be as safe as possible. The latest IIHS safety awards can point you in the right direction.
‘DO I OWE TAX ON MY STIMULUS CHECKS?’ – ANSWERS TO COMMON 2020 TAX QUESTIONSNo significant tax law changes to worry about this year, but there are some issues related to the pandemic that could trip you up—or save you money.