• If you do the grocery shopping in your family, you’ve probably noticed that the grocery bills keep going up. Blame the pandemic for pushing up the prices of many staples. Here are some simple tips to help lower your food bills.

WHY DID I GET A SMALL, UNEXPECTED PAYMENT FROM THE IRS?About 14 million taxpayers who filed their 2019 federal income tax returns by the pandemic-delayed July 15th deadline, are owed a refund that may be in an odd amount, like $7.89.
IS THAT EMAIL REALLY FROM THE CENSUS BUREAU OR A CYBER-THIEFThe Census Bureau is emailing more than 20 million households to encourage participation. Top digital security experts interviewed by Checkbook agreed that this is a bad idea that creates an opportunity for cyber-criminals.
DEALING WITH DEBT COLLECTORS: KNOW THE RULES AND YOUR RIGHTSIf you get a call from someone claiming to be a debt collector, it’s not always easy to tell if the caller is a real debt collector or a scammer. That’s why it’s important to go slowly and know your rights.
DROWNING IN DEBT? YOUR OPTIONS: GOOD & BADThe number of people saddled with excessive debt is growing. Help is available in the form of debt management, debt settlement, consolidation loans, and bankruptcy attorneys. Some are good choices; others could make your financial situation worse.
FRAUD ALERT: SCAMMERS POSE AS COVID-19 CONTACT TRACERSContract tracing is one of the critical tools state and local health departments are using to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, it’s also given criminals a new way to scam people.
FINANCIAL TOOLKIT: HOW TO SURVIVE THE COVID-19 RECESSIONStimulus payments, expanded unemployment benefits, government loans, and payment accommodations from lenders have helped keep many families and businesses afloat so far. But as these programs end, millions will find their budgets stretched to the breaking point.
IS THAT REALLY CUSTOMER SERVICE…OR DID YOU JUST DIAL AN IMPOSTER?Fraudsters have created fake customer service numbers for many well-known companies and wait for you to slip up and call them, so they can steal your money or personal information. This scam is often difficult to spot.
HOW TO AVOID A MOVING HORROR STORYHire a mover and you’re trusting them to get your possessions from here to there on time, without damage, and at the agreed upon price. All too often that doesn’t happen, especially for long-distance interstate movers.
CONSUMER ADVOCATES BLAST FEDS FOR ‘GUTTING’ PAYDAY LENDING RULESAt a time when American consumers need more protection than ever from predatory loans, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has issued a final rule on payday loans that rolls back important protections.
BE SAFE IN THE SUN: TOP-RATED SUNSCREENSA good sunscreen, used properly, can dramatically lower your risk of skin cancer. Here are the latest sunscreen ratings from Consumer Reports.


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