SHOW #110 (May 22, 2016) CONSUMER REPORT RATES SUNSCREENS. Also: Dealing with student loan debt, the facts about underwear, crooks target medical records and how to train your dog to stop jumping.
  SHOW #109 (May 15, 2016) TOP-RATED GARDEN CENTERS. Also: Scammers try to get paid via iTunes cards, TSA security delays, used car bargains, ways to waste less food & Consumer Reports looks at pet insurance.
  SHOW #108 (May 8, 2016) AMERICA'S OVERUSE OF ADDICTIVE PAIN PILLS. Also: Alaska Airlines merger with Virgin America, real estate title scams, mandatory arbitration clauses & helping dogs who don’t want to ride in the car.
  SHOW #107 (May 1, 2016) AMERICA'S TOP-RATED AIRLINES & HOTELS. Also: You don’t need to buy a hybrid vehicle to get great gas mileage, tips on buying Mother’s Day flowers, 2016 financial literacy survey, the dangers of powdered caffeine and top-rated lawnmowers.
  SHOW #106 (April 24, 2016) SURVEY: WHY SO MANY FEEL FINANCIALLY INSECURE. Also: Cord cutting is not always that easy, preventing animal cruelty, author of A Big FAT Crisis says willpower alone is not enough and Washington's CARE Act.
  SHOW #105 (April 17, 2016) C-SECTION RATE TOO HIGH, STUDY FINDS. Also: Higher speed limits result in dramatic increase in deaths, Ford F-150 aces new crash test, cyber threats grow dramatically in number and seriousness, and preventing pet suffocation.
  SHOW #104 (April 10, 2016) NEW SURVEY ON DISTRACTED DRIVING. Also: Rising costs for essentials strain family budgets, the growing menace of ransomware, what the 'natural' label food label really means and the right ways to pick up your cat.
  SHOW #103 (April 3, 2016) A FIRST LOOK AT THE TESLA MODEL 3. Also: First ratings of car headlights, advice to parents about grown-up kids who want financial support, FTC shuts down bogus cancer charities and understanding your dog's behavior.
  SHOW #102 (March 27, 2016) THE LOWEST-RATED CARS OF 2016. Also: The benefits of old-fashioned paper financial statements, Seattle's hot housing market by-the-numbers, preventing colon cancer and prediabetes does not have warning signs.
  SHOW #101 (March 20, 2016) KIDS GETTING POISONED ON MEDICATIONS. Also: Safety group warns parents of car seat dangers that can kill children in the rear seat, scam pay for prayer website shut down, Shakespeare’s First Folio on display in Seattle & stop your dog from digging in the yard.
  SHOW #100 (March 13, 2016) FCC PROPOSES INTERNET PRIVACY RULES. Also: E-cigarette explosions cause serious injuries, how stores use phony discounts to trick you, digital estate planning, top-rated vehicles for 2016 & car buying tips.
  SHOW #99 (March 6, 2016) HOSPITAL SUPERBUGS CAN BE DEADLY. Also: Clever hackers steal 700,000 tax returns from IRS, police make arrests based on 'threatening' emoji, dealing with your finances doesn't have to be complicated, mistakes we make with our cats and Consumer Reports rates real estate sites.

  SHOW #98 (February 28, 2016) CONSUMER REPORTS: BEST CARS 2016. Also: America's favorite supermarkets, discount and department stores, what to do when your pet is vomiting, stress can boost your cholesterol level & criminals steal more than coffee money from Starbucks' accounts.
  SHOW #97 (February 21, 2016) HOME RENTERS PAY MORE FOR CAR INSURANCE. Also: Things to consider before you decide to become a landlord, springtime gardening tips from NW gardening expert Ed Hume, the pros/cons of 'freezing' your credit files & how to pick a good kennel.
  SHOW #96 (February 14, 2016) HEP C PATIENTS DENIED 'MIRACLE' DRUGS. Also: Consumer Reports reviews DIY tax-preparation software, upgrades to boost your home's resale value, taking care of your dog and cat's teeth & pressure washer warning.
  SHOW #95 (February 7, 2016) EXPERT ADVICE FROM CONSUMER REPORTS. This special hour features a second visit with the editors at Consumer Reports: The most (and least) reliable cars, tips for bathroom remodels, common packaging tricks used to disguise price hikes, how to buy a mattress and rating tiny SUVs.
  SHOW #94 (January 31, 2016) DROWNING IN DEBT? HELP IS AVAILABLE. Also: How to get a good deal on the right mattress, the downside of those office perks and the most important command to teach your dog: drop it.
  SHOW #93 (January 24, 2016) HOW TO GET THE BEST DEALS ON HOME APPLIANCES. Also: What parents need to know about artificial food dyes and kids, tips on filing this year’s FAFSA form for federal student aid, and meet the author of the new book "My Old Dog."
  SHOW #92 (January 10, 2016) SMART TVS NEW TARGET FOR HACKERS. Also: Best and worst companies for customer satisfaction, Rescue Animal MP3 Music Project, how to avoid debt collector scams and overdosing on non-prescription cold/ flu medications.
  SHOW #91 (December 27, 2015) HIDDEN DANGER OF KEYLESS IGNITIONS. Also: Why it may be good to give your kids an allowance, tips on holiday gift returns, the security risks of The Internet of Things and how to decode your dog’s body language.
  SHOW #90 (December 20, 2015) THE PET SHOW: FOR DOG & CAT LOVERS. This special hour features some of my favorite pet stories from the past year: How to find out if your dog is a genius, the most common cat diseases and information on vaccinating your pets.
  SHOW #89 (December 13, 2015) YEAR-END MOVES TO CUT TAX BILL. Also: New web tool promises "Amazon" prices at local retail stores, giving is good for you, how to avoid charity scams & upgrade proposed for government's 5-star vehicle safety rating system.
  SHOW #88 (December 6, 2015) HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR MEDS. Also: Puget Sound area supermarkets rated for price and quality, VTech hack exposes personal information of parents and kids, holiday scams and how to get your cat to take a pill.
  SHOW #87 (November 29, 2015) AMERICA'S FAVORITE FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS. Also: Consumer Reports releases its Naughty & Nice List, money-saving holiday shopping tips, how to give wisely and avoid charity scams, plus helping a loved one with dementia handle the hectic holiday season.
  SHOW #86 (November 22, 2015) MONEY-SAVING HOLIDAY TIPS. Also: Tips on hiring a tree care service, FDA approves sale of genetically-modified salmon, over-prescribing antibiotics causes many needless deaths and helping a loved one with dementia handle the hectic holiday season.
  SHOW #85 (November 15, 2015) TEEN SEXTING - WHAT'S ON YOUR KID'S PHONE? Also: Tips on hiring a plumber or electrician, holiday scams, privacy advocates blast new Hello Barbie doll, the joys of adopting a senior pet and new government-backed retirement account.
  SHOW #84 (November 8, 2015) TAKATA AIRBAG PROBLEMS FAR FROM OVER. Also: The latest numbers on Seattle's hot housing market, end-of-life counseling, ID thieves try to cash in on switch to 'chip' credit cards, pet vaccinations and top-rated airlines.
  SHOW #83 (November 1, 2015) MOST & LEAST RELIABLE CARS. Also: Condo sales are booming in many parts of the country, feds crack down on bank accounts offered to college students, ID thieves target dead people and how to pick a good pet food.
  SHOW #82 (October 25, 2015) EXPERT: CYBER FRAUD WILL GET WORSE. Also: How to raise money smart kids, satisfaction with PCs slips, fighting financial fraud against the elderly and ways to socialize your cat.
  SHOW #81 (October 18, 2015) WHY DON'T WE FEEL FINANCIALLY SECURE? Also: Your family disaster plan needs to include your pets, bogus hotel websites cash-in on customer confusion, romance scammers steal your heart and your money, take the taste test and ATM fees hit new record high.
  SHOW #80 (October 11, 2015) TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE FRUSTRATIONS. Also: An update on self-driving cars, feds say customers have the right to post negative reviews, how mandatory arbitration clauses hurt consumers, what to do if your dog eats wild mushrooms and ATM fees hit new record high.
  SHOW #79 (October 4, 2015) PACKAGING TRICKS DISGUISE PRICE HIKES. Also: Most presidential campaign websites fail privacy test, widespread problems found with student loan services, former con artist Frank Abagnale talks about cyber fraud and why the new 'chip' cards won't prevent all credit card fraud.
  SHOW #78 (September 27, 2015) VW CHEATS ON EMISSION TEST. Also: How to raise money smart kids, satisfaction with PCs slips – again, fighting financial fraud against the elderly and ways to socialize your cat.
  SHOW #77 (September 20, 2015) SMALL SUVS: ARE THEY WORTH THE MONEY? Also: Refinancing student loan debt, credit cards drop some perks, helicopter parents don’t really help their kids and the financial hardships caused by the high cost of cancer treatments.
  SHOW #76 (September 13, 2015) CAN A PILL HELP YOUR DOG LIVE LONGER? Also: Protect your kid's privacy at school, new safety policy at AutoNation, free park passes for fourth-graders, Washington's new data breach law, and does smoking e-cigs lead to smoking tobacco?
  SHOW #75 (September 6, 2015) SUGAR: THE NOT-SO-SWEET HEALTH RISKS. Also: Middle-age distracted drivers often put their young passengers at risk, when to have 'the booze talk' with your kids, common household safety hazards for children and the link between sleep and breast cancer survival?
   SHOW #74 (August 30, 2015) HOW SAFE IS YOUR GROUND BEEF? Also: The most (and least) satisfying car brands, free college textbooks, scammers try to steal bank account info and is it okay to sleep with your dog?
  SHOW #73 (August 23, 2015) HPV: THE ANTI-CANCER VACCINE. Also: Stylish bathroom remodels that add safety, America's favorite credit cards, teens are easy targets for online predators, summer safety for your dog and tips on choosing a backpack.
  SHOW #72 (August 16, 2015) AIRFARE DEALS FOR FALL TRAVEL. Also: Top-rated bug repellents that don't use DEET, what you need to know about life insurance, tech support scams can cost you more than money, a novel way to find homeless cats a forever home and car insurance for teens.
  SHOW #71 (August 9, 2015) THE SECRET WAY AUTO INSURANCE IS PRICED. Also: Earthquake insurance, what to buy (and what not) in August, CEO salary disclosure, AARP generic drug survey, how cats can hide their illnesses and top-rated disposable batteries.
  SHOW #70 (August 2, 2015) YOUR HOSPITAL CAN MAKE YOU SICK. Also: Windows 10, how to prepare for rising interest rates, top consumer complaints, inmates prepare kittens for adoption and mixed results for Ford F-150 crash test.
  SHOW #69 (July 26, 2015) NEW RESEARCH ON ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE. Also: Many people too cautious with long-term investments, dealing with car hacking, fake hotel booking sites and most common medical problems for cats.
  SHOW #68 (July 19, 2015) NEW WEBSITE RATES SURGEONS. Also: Consumer Reports takes a stand on liquid laundry detergent pods, “Market Mavens” economic forecast for the next 12 months, avoiding the dangers of public Wi-Fi and top medical conditions for dogs.
  SHOW #67 (July 12, 2015) FEDS WANT SMARTPHONE ENCRYPTION KEYS. Also: New figures on the hot Seattle housing market, how to determine how much life insurance you need, credit card interest rate reduction scams and a new cookbook for families on a tight budget.
  SHOW #66 (July 5, 2015) AMERICA'S FAVORITE RESTAURANTS. The new Plenti rewards card, how to avoid tech support scams and the facts about tilapia.
  SHOW #65 (June 28, 2015) LAWSUIT CLAIMS 'TOXIC FUMES' ON PLANES. Also: What to do if your dog or cat gets stung by a bee, Consumer Reports rates exterior paints and stains, student loan debt relief scams, and how to help your pets deal with hot weather.
  SHOW #64 (June 21, 2015) IS IT REALLY 'MADE IN AMERICA'? Also: The cost of car insurance for teenage drivers, trans fat on the way out, reverse mortgage confusion and what we know about canine/feline cancers.
  SHOW #63 (June 14, 2015) THE RIGHT WAY TO SHOP FOR A MATTRESS. Also: How to find a good gym or health club, what people hate about customer service, elder financial abuse, a library where you borrow cats and things that go on sale in June.
  SHOW #62 (June 7, 2015) SATISFACTION RATINGS: PAY TV, ISPs & WIRELESS. Also: Weight loss scams, the high cost of credit card cash advances, common dog training mistakes and when convenience foods are worth the price.
  SHOW #61 (May 31, 2015) TOP-RATED SUNSCREENS & BUG REPELLENTS. Also: Some well-known retailers may be running ‘fake’ sales, the latest numbers on food poisoning and a study of dog bites.
  SHOW #60 (May 24, 2015) SUMMERTIME TRAVEL & VACATION TIPS. This special edition of the ConsumerMan show has tips on hotels, airfares, overseas travel and taking your pet on vacation. Also, an important warning about bogus online booking sites.
  SHOW #59 (May 17, 2015) SAVE MONEY ON AUTO INSURANCE. Also: Feds launch inquiry into student loan servicers, confusion about debit card overdraft protection, the costly dangers of free WiFi, helping your dog relax at the groomers and car accident app. 
  SHOW #58 (May 10, 2015) YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS ARE AT RISK. Also: Dealing with debt collectors, and learn how your dog sees the world with the creator of Dognition.
  SHOW #57 (May 3, 2015) EXPERT LAWN AND GARDEN TIPS: Also: Food dyes and ADHD, the best time to buy airline tickets, how to crate-train your cat and gasoline credit cards.
  SHOW #56 (April 26, 2015) SURVEY RATES U.S. AIRLINES & HOTELS: Also: Consumer Reports tests shrimp and finds some serious problems, the facts about Alzheimer's, using pheromones to calm your pet & major bicycle recall.
  SHOW #55 (April 19, 2015) ARE SMALL AIRPLANE SEATS DANGEROUS? Also: Top Internet security threats, protecting your pets from fleas & ticks, Glenn Campbell's wife talks about Alzheimer's, the facts about coconut milk and Discover card gets new security feature.
  SHOW #54 (April 12, 2015) APPLE WATCH IS ANOTHER WINNER! Also: Top-rated cars and SUVs from the author of The Car Book 2015, a chat with Glenn Campbell's daughter, Ashley, about her dad and Alzheimer's and dealing with common personal finance issues.
  SHOW #53 (April 5, 2015) THE BEST (AND WORST) SUPERMARKETS. Also: How to leak-proof your house, the pros & cons of gasoline credit cards, imposter scams and how to tell if that pet hazard fact or rumor.
  SHOW #52 (March 29, 2015) ANGELINA JOLIE'S SURGERY TO PREVENT CANCER. Also: Self-driving cars, unnecessary exposure to radiation from X-rays and CT scans, testing a new drug to prevent Alzheimer's & does your dog have you trained?
  SHOW #51 (March 22, 2015) DEALING WITH THE PREMERA DATA BREACH. Also: Teens overdosing on prescription medications, a chat with the head of the Federal Trade Commission, tips for spring cleaning chores & finding a good vet.
  SHOW #50 (March 15, 2015) BIG CHANGES COMING TO CREDIT BUREAUS. Also: The best stuff to buy at home centers, how to get ready to adopt a pet, liquid detergent packets are a hazard to children and do you really need to buy high-protein food?
  SHOW #49 (March 8, 2015) HOW DO CREDIT SCORES REALLY WORK? Also: Pruning tips from Ed Hume, superbugs and reducing the use of antibiotics on the farm, why consumer groups don’t like the president’s Privacy Bill of Rights and protecting yourself from ID theft.

  SHOW #48 (March 1, 2015) BEST CARS & BEST BRANDS 2015. Also: Renter's insurance, gardening tips from Ed Hume, new dietary guidelines and RadioShack gift cards
  SHOW #47 (February 22, 2015) CYBER ATTACKS WILL GET WORSE, EXPERT PREDICTS. America’s favorite retailers, FCC set to vote on ‘Net Neutrality’ rules and dealing with the pet overpopulation problem.
  SHOW #46 (February 15, 2015) RENOVATIONS THAT WILL BOOST YOUR HOME'S VALUE. Also: Common mistakes made by home buyers and sellers, watch out for IRS imposter scams, tax fraud on the rise and a preview of Westminster Dog Show.
   SHOW #45 (February 8, 2015) THE CLAIMS THAT RAISE YOUR HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE COSTS. Also: How often do you need to change your password, legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb, why you should care how your food is raised and what to do when the dog ruins your love life.
  SHOW #44 (February 1, 2015) SUPER SUNDAY'S REALLY BIG SHOW. Also: NBC’s Bob Costas talks about the big match-up and Marshawn Lynch, the safest cars on the road, the pitfalls of financial infidelity and why airfares don’t go down when fuels prices plunge.

  SHOW #43 (January 25, 2015) WILL DEFLATE-GATE HURT THE NFL? Also: Top picks for big screen TVs, high levels of formaldehyde found in some e-cigs, commonly overlooked tax deductions, how to pick up a cat and sports fans are rough on cellphones.
  SHOW #42 (January 18, 2015) IS YOUR FITNESS TRACKER SPYING ON YOU? Also: Update on measles outbreak, Still Alice highlights early-onset Alzheimer’s, banks want to robocall customers cellphones, dogs that bite and Consumer Reports rates smartphones.
  SHOW #41 (January 11, 2015) DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON DIET PILLS. Also: Tips for filling out the FAFSA form, how to pay down that holiday credit card debt, interest rate predictions for 2015 and top dog names of the year.
  SHOW #40 (January 4, 2015) HOME SALES IN SEATTLE ARE HOT, HOT, HOT! Also: Email etiquette, checking account fees go up again, cellphone customers crammed for unauthorized charges, pudgy pets, Consumer Reports ‘best value’ cars.
    SHOW #39 (December 28, 2014) SONY DATA BREACH - LESSONS LEARNED. Also: Tips on making holiday returns, how to avoid timeshare sale or resale scams, caring for senior pets and Consumer Reports rates AA batteries.
    SHOW #38 (December 21, 2014) AMERICA IS DROWNING IN MEDICAL DEBT. Also: Where to get the best price on tires, microchipping your pets, ID thieves can be family members, Christmas movies and airport food ratings.
  SHOW #37 (December 14, 2014) LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY SHOPPING ADVICE. Also: The staggering cost of health care, tips on adopting a shelter pet, privacy problems with mobile apps and a review of the new Hobbit movie.
  SHOW #36 (December 7, 2014) THE 411 ON FREE CREDIT SCORES. Also: A new study finds that victims of identity theft can suffer a heavy emotional toll, the pros and cons of pet insurance and why it might be time to ditch your debit card.
  SHOW #35 (November 30, 2014) NEW SATISFACTION RATINGS FOR CELLPHONE SERVICES. Also: Everything you need to know about gift cards, Consumer Reports Naughty & Nice List, the Target breach one year later, and a new survey on impulse shopping.
    SHOW #34 (November 23, 2014) HOW TO BE A SAVVY HOLIDAY SHOPPER. Also: Why cheap tires aren't always a bargain, lessons learned from an identity thief, FOX TV airs Thanksgiving special for pet adoptions, and Washington works on a plan to help families cope with in-home care for Alzheimer's patients.
   SHOW #33 (November 16, 2014) SIMPLE WAYS TO 'CATIFY' YOUR HOUSE. Also: More fallout from The Home Depot data breach, help a loved-one with Alzheimer's deal with the holiday stress, prepaid debit cards, avoid charity scams and Consumer Reports tests pop-up turkey thermometers.
  SHOW #32 (November 9, 2014) MARKETING HYPE USED TO SELL JUNK FOOD. Also: Risk factors for Alzheimer’s Disease, the top electronic products on holiday wish lists, financial abuse of the elderly, and a one-on-one chat with music legend Herb Alpert.
  SHOW #31 (November 2, 2014) THE REAL DEAL ON OUTLET MALLS. Also: Early-onset Alzheimer’s, the benefits of 3D mammograms, feds sue AT&T, study finds inaccurate pet food ingredient labels and the most/least reliable automakers.
  SHOW #30 (October 26, 2014) SERVICE IS THE KEY TO HAPPY CUSTOMERS. Also: The right way to borrow for college, how to live to a long and healthy life, how fraudsters use the phone to snag their victims, Halloween costumes for your pets, and save money on auto insurance.
  SHOW #29 (October 19, 2014) CHILDREN CONTINUE TO DIE FROM WINDOW CORDS. Also: Why applying for an online payday loan is very risky, researchers find that people have ‘coffee’ genes, simple things that can reduce the recurrence of breast cancer, Medicare open enrollment scams and can pets get Ebola?
   SHOW #28 (October 12, 2014) SPECIAL EDITION: AUTO SHOW. Find out about the new and noteworthy models for 2015. Also: how get a good deal on a new car, ways to save on car maintenance, your legal rights when buying a car or taking your vehicle to the repair shop, plus the safe way to take your dog for a ride.
  SHOW #27 (October 5, 2014) HOW AMERICA SHOPS TODAY? - FRUGAL. Also: A refresher course on smoke detectors as we head into the home fire season, should Seattle have a publically-owned broadband network, how to deal with the all of these data breaches and stop your dog from digging.
   SHOW #26 (September 28, 2014) WANT TO TALK? PUT AWAY THE CELLPHONE. Also: How companies are trying to block online reviews, Consumer Reports looks at urgent care clinics, website accused of over-charging customers by $1,000 or more and ways you can help senior cats and dogs.
  SHOW #25 (September 21, 2014) SEATTLE HELPS BUILD HOSPITAL IN ZAMBIA. Also: World Alzheimer’s Day, Consumer Reports warns about fish with high levels of mercury, beware of bogus “free travel” offers in the mail and tips on how to adopt a shelter pet.
   SHOW #24 (September 14, 2014) CONSUMER REPORTS FIRST REVIEW OF THE iPHONE 6 AND APPLE WATCH. Also: Kiplinger's Personal Finance looks at how much money it takes to retire, why fortified waters are probably a waste of money, how to spot the bogus bill scam, disaster preparedness for the pets in your family and bank fees for checking accounts continue to soar.
   SHOW #23 (September 7, 2014) DEALING WITH A RASH OF DATA BREACHES. Also: The risk of storing pictures and data in The Cloud, how texting can help support smokers who want to kick the habit, beware of marijuana investment scams and Frankie’s Friends helps pet families.
   SHOW #22 (August 31, 2014) HOW TO COMPLAIN AND GET WHAT YOU WANT. Also: New customer satisfaction ratings for automakers, how to deal with dry mouth, phone fraud, pet blood banks need donors, and Facebook 'color change' app is bogus.
  SHOW #21 (August 23, 2014) HEART DISEASE & DEPRESSION. Also: How Smart911 could save your life, the downside of debit cards on college campuses, a warning about pension advance services and why we love cat videos.
  SHOW #20 (August 16, 2014) HOW TO SAVE ON HEALTH CARE COSTS. Also: Many bank customers are confused about overdraft protection on debit cards, how to spot and avoid investment scams, obesity is killing out pets and Consumer Reports rates the Amazon Fire smartphone.
  SHOW #19 (August 9, 2014) SPECIAL REPORT: AMERICA'S FATAL ADDICTION TO PAIN PILLS. Also: Simple ways to save on auto insurance, how to spot and avoid time share scams and a look at pet vaccines and how often your dog or cats needs a shot.
  SHOW #18 (August 2, 2014) NATIONAL HEALTH EMERGENCY: Cases of skin cancer skyrocket. Also: Top 10 consumer complaints, are we making smart long-term investments, AARP on how to avoid investment scams and the potential health risks of serving your pet raw food.
   SHOW #17 (July 26, 2014) Where should you go for heart surgery? Also: How to avoid a mortgage relief scam, insurance for college students, a look at the government agency trying to bring fairness to the financial marketplace and the benefits of adopting a mutt. 
  SHOW #16 (July 19, 2014) Advice on how to handle the purchase no one wants to make. Also: The Comcast Customer Service call that’s gone viral, simple things that can boost your car’s mileage, the possible health risks of energy drinks, and a local blood bank for dogs and cats.
  SHOW #15 (July 12, 2014) Are there long-term health effects from smoking marijuana? Also: how moving can hurt your credit score, the problem with long-term auto loans, beware of foreign lottery scams and a new anti-itch drug for dogs.
  SHOW #14 (July 5, 2014) Barbecue grilling tips and food safety when eating outdoors, survey rates national restaurant chains, the student loan crisis many be hurting the U.S. economy, why a pet harness may be better than a leash and getting better fuel economy.
  SHOW #13 (June 28, 2014) Kitchen remodeling tips from Consumer Reports – including top-rated materials for countertops and floors, kids and concussions, how to find a good auto repair shop, help your pet deal with fireworks and tips on tipping.
  SHOW #12 (June 21, 2014) This special show will help families learn more about Alzheimer's disease and how to help family members dealing with dementia.

  SHOW #11 (June 14, 2014)

Advice on buying a car and negotiating the deal, your rights at the auto repair shop, IRS phone scam, when do I need an electrical permit, cannabis supplements for pets and Sam’s Club’s 5-3-1 card.
  SHOW #10 (June 7, 2014) The right to be forgotten on the Internet, why are customers so unhappy with cable TV, best bug repellents, kitty litter box 101, Consumer Reports on buying paint.
  SHOW #9 (May 31, 2014) Consumer Reports rates sunscreens, thieves use online auctions to sell stolen merchandise, why bigger telecommunications companies hurt consumers, how to hire a good roofing contractor, dealing with the loss of a pet.
  SHOW #8 (May 24, 2014) How to save on airfare, finding the right travel rewards card, Consumer Reports on buying a BBQ grill, a warning about vacation rental scams, go on vacation with your pet and the best ice creams.
  SHOW #7 (May 17, 2014) The Internet of Things in 2025, talking to your kids about money, protect your pets from Leptospirosis, a change-of-address website refunds $3 million an gardening tips from Ed Hume.
  SHOW #6 (May 10, 2014) New mobile app lets you control debit cards, saving for retirement, healthy aging into your 80’s, fake check scams, seasonal pet allergies, dealing with pet parasites, Consumer Reports tests toilet paper.
  SHOW #5 (May 3, 2014) Frequent flier programs change again, new money-saving websites, super-bugs now a real threat to your health, spotting the grandparents scam, pets and pot don't mix.
  SHOW #4 (April 26, 2014) Customer satisfaction ratings for airlines/hotels, surprise for student loan borrowers, Consumer Reports on lawn care, protecting data on your smartphone, adapt a shelter pet.
  SHOW # 3 (April 19, 2014) Save money on Internet/cable TV services, tax records you can toss, pet first aid, dealing with the Heartbleed bug and how to choose a good doctor.
  SHOW # 2 (April 12, 2014) Paying for college, fake debt collector scam, big concerns about big data, and how to stop your dog from barking at the TV.
  SHOW # 1 (April 5, 2014) Supermarket Survey, springtime threats to your pets, Windows XP, scammers target military vets.

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